Mercy is above all an arts organisation - but we are nothing without our friends.

Here is a profile of some of the people we love best, with some links and embeds of their recent work - with us and without.


  • a.P.A.t.T.


  • Aisle 16

    Aisle 16

  • Charles Williams

    Charles Williams

  • Hive


  • Joe Dunthorne

    Joe Dunthorne

  • John O'Shea's Swan Pedalo

    John O'Shea

  • John Smith

    John Smith

  • Jonathan Greenbank

    Jonathan Greenbank

  • Kathryn Cooper

    Kathryn Cooper

  • Kev Adamson

    Kev Adamson

  • Laurence Payot

    Laurence Payot

  • Lizzie Nunnery

    Lizzie Nunnery

  • Luke Kennard

    Luke Kennard

  • Luke Wright

    Luke Wright

  • Mark Greenwood

    Mark Greenwood

  • Markus Soukup

    Markus Soukup

  • Mia Tagg

    Mia Tagg

  • Nathan Jones

    Nathan Jones

  • Nick Holloway

    Nick Holloway

  • Ross Sutherland

    Ross Sutherland

  • Sam Meech

    Sam Meech

  • Sam Skinner

    Sam Skinner

  • Sarah Nicolls

    Sarah Nicolls

  • Scott Spencer

    Scott Spencer

  • Tim Clare

    Tim Clare

  • Tom Chivers

    Tom Chivers

  • Tomas Harold

    Tomas Harold

  • Wave Machines

    Wave Machines