We love print. We love holding it in our hands and gifting it on. Black and white photocopies is where we started out, and glossy multilayered album sleeves are what we dream about – but sometimes, nothing can beat the immediacy, reach and sheer skivingibility™ of a digital product.

Basically, continuing in our heritage of publishing top notch new poetry, illustration and collaborative artwork, and bringing it bang-up to date, we're hosting a digital E-Zine you can view online. Images you can click, links you can click, text you can scroll around, maybe even a little bit of video to ogle at. The lot. In 2010-11, the monthly zines have been based on the 1957 film 12 Angry Men. Why?

Each zine features newly commissioned poetry, illustration and polemic from our delicious minions, includes a brand new typography project of Mercy's 2010 tag-line, and is presented in spick and span technicolour web 2.0 for your convenience and pleasure.