Sam Meech


Sam Meech




Sam Meech has been documenting the activities of Mercy since our inception, from a grotty upstairs bar in Zanzibar, to our multi-media showcases in Shoreditch Church. It's been amazing to grow up with Sam, and benefit from his rapidly multiplying portfolio of skills, including filming, editing, design, motion graphics and working with interactive software like Isadora.

As the eminent interactive-media artist in Liverpool, Sam has worked with some of the best around, including Sarah Nicolls, Wave Machines and Gina Czarnecki - as well as delivering his own films and live works, including Noah's Ark, a film made from footage from the NW Film Archive, made in parnership with Nathan Mercy.

We're currently looking at a new commission in partnership with Sam and Mr Carl Brown of Wave Machines, it will be ace.



Its nice to reference those early days in the Zanzibar - I filmed them not to make a film, but simply to keep a record. There is something very Liverpool about seeing people's early experiments, not knowing how they will develop, and continuing to cross paths and bear witness to their growth as an artist and a person. Over the years I have developed a video archive of my experiences at these events, with familiar faces plying their trade onstage. I've even been able to let my camera become part of the performance at times,becoming more entwined with those I started out simply documented.

Liverpool's size and spirit makes it that kind of nurturing petri dish. Are we still in the lab though? can these experiments survive contact with reality? I think that is where we are all at now, peeking our head above the truman-show-like false horizon of Liverpool, to new cities and new collaborations, and I think Mercy have blazed a trail in that respect. You are the boy that was unafraid to cheekily kick the ball over the neighbour's wall, and then investigate the garden under the premise of retrieving it. Maybe you will find their stash of porn in the shed, or some other riches.