Luke Kennard


Luke Kennard




Oddball absurdist, darling of the literary community, prize-winner and gent. Luke is pretty much always the first to bite when we send out an interesting poetry brief. We're chuffed to have work we commissioned included in several of his very well regarded poetry publications, and some brilliant performances from Luke as part of our portfolio. Most memorably, Luke did the 'Best Man' moment at Wave If You're Really There #5 - and he also produced an excellent new poem for our 12 Angry E-zines project.

Luke is generally regarded as one of the UK's best younger poets. He lectures in creative writing at Birmingham, and edits poetry and fiction magazine, Succor.

Over the next few months, we'll be working with Luke on a new comic-strip project.


I think you're the best at what you do by a good few light years, in design, commitment, execution, etc. It just all comes together so well - always feels like something cohesive. I've read plenty of well-thought-of poetry&fiction journals which just feel somehow fragmentary, like they're trying to cobble an issue of something together around one or two half decent things; a sense of ‘will this do?'

It's so refreshing to come across an outward looking, passionate collective with really, really good taste in everything and who know how to get the most out of their collaborators, how to give people a structure and motivation without placing any restrictions on content or style. The first time I worked with you was a WIYRT event and each act just knocked me sideways, from the bands to the spoken word stuff.