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HERE WE GO. We’re finally able to announce the full details of the debut London leg of our highly-loved arts-music-poetry shebang Wave If You’re Really There, round 5: Marriage. It’s all in the new issue of Flatline which is now up for download here More



Just a short one this week; we are about to re-enter the live world with a few upcoming gigs (see inside for more info) so time is at a premium. Still enough elbow room to cram Luke Kennard, Scott Spencer, Kathryn Cooper and Nathan in though. Enjoy! More



We’ve sweated out another issue of Flatline in time for its usual Friday download; fire away for content new and old from Eva Datta, Gary Daly, Nick Holloway and Nathan, who has writen some words for an illustration that I failed miserably with in the recent (flawed, of course) Shelter House of Cards competition More



25/09/09 Publishing Flatline

With amazing new work from Ross Sutherland and Charles Williams, Lily Lotus and our current intern Laura Parrish, plus illustrations by what-will-he-do-next-er Nick Holloway More



Yeeeeyyyaaahhhhh, another Friday, another Flatline. We’re getting used to this now. We’ve not even had to resort to announcing a mystery celebrity rape accusation to fill the pages yet. We’ve also shrunk the file sizes down like those heads at Ripley’s Believe It or Not so it’s quicker and easier to get a fix now. Fire away More