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Bearfaced tee


16/12/10 Shop
by Doug Kerr

Crazy sale madness alert – our two T-shirt designs are now half-priced to TEN QUID to clear. Pick yours up now to avoid a kick in the kneecasp on Christmas Day.

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Unruly Tendency, Ben Parry

Mercy's Liverpool Biennial Audioguide

24/09/10 News Shop

Take a stroll through Liverpool with the incomparable Judge, played by Matthew M E Smith. Listen as he reviews, outlines and paraphrases a series of thrilling unseen artworks More

Bleeding Lips T-shirt, illustration by Joseph Bramall

New T-shirt on sale

23/02/10 Shop
by Doug Kerr

Got our second design back from the printers – now available to buy in the shop More

Bearfaced T-shirt, illustration by Joseph Bramall

New T-shirts

02/02/10 Shop
by Doug Kerr

After literally years of false promises on our part, we have finally arranged a super limited run of T-shirt designs – featuring our own Joe’s freaky illustrations More