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Under Our Feet

by Nick Holloway

Could the next stage in Liverpool's development be a comprehensive underground system? So 'John' thinks, an otherwise anonymous contributor to the new Liverpool Wiki.

He makes a good argument. Road and rail honchos Merseytravel operate four underground stations in the city centre already, linking to an overground that stretches from Southport in the north, Hunts Cross in the south, and Wirral in the west. But did you know underground stations in Toxteth and Dingle are being allowed to gather dust? There are also miles of disused tunnels and track that could provide for many districts currently 'offgrid'. Link them up and the city has got something approaching a Circle Line, much better than the plan for a tram system Merseytravel has been trying to push since 2005.

One of Liverpool's marketing ploys in preparation for Capital Of Culture was to dub itself a 'leading world city'. Perhaps, if the authorities had the cojones to push ahead with ideas like this one, Scousers could use that phrase with the hope of being taken seriously.

Read all of John's suggestions for the future here.


  1. More disruptive than constructing tram routes? Which would mean more roadworks etc.

    There also used to be a station on the Smithdown Road bridge by Nicander Road/Wavertree playground. It’ll be 50 years next year since it closed. That’s a Northern Line route, though, so it would be up to them. But with the volume of students / parents taking their kids to school / workers using that road, it would incredibly useful if re-activated.

    I think John’s idea for a green (ie hybrid/electrical) bus service is also a winner. Provide more bus-only lanes and you’ve effectively got a tram system already, and one that’s more flexible because it’s on wheels, not rails.

  2. I love stuff to do with undergrounds and abandoned stations, but I’d guess the cost and disruption involved in reactivating these stations and lines at pretty fucking phenomenal.

    Still, a lovely idea.