What we are up to



Nathan Jones and Mark Greenwood have conceived of the NODES as a language event provoked by questions/observations such as

- what are the possibilities of conversation when it is freed from communication?

- when everything is converged on language - in the digital era - then speech itself becomes subject to the encryptions and flows of data and the computational

- what is post-human speech?

- the voice, conversation become another carrier of information - can NODES vocal works sound like the internet processing data, or is it that speech itself resembles the transmission of encrypted, fragmentary packages of language?


We recently appeared on The Verb, with a short sketch entitled EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IS EXACTLY THE SAME, which used onstage listening and speaking, and threw up a whole another series of questions about appropriation - of black-by-white avantguarde-by-pop-culture and of the female utterance by the a male power.... we will post it here when it comes on.

you can follow the rehearsals of the NODES throughout our weekly 2014/15 rehearsal schedule on sedonodes.tumblr.com