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New Wave

by Nick Holloway

More news from Mercy's most trusted friends, Wave Machines: they play a homecoming gig at Korova in Liverpool tonight, back from London where they've just finished mixing their debut album. Doors 7pm, tickets are £5adv, support comes from Aspen Grove and Balloons.

Apparently the album is sounding amazing; Scott Spencer, who's working on some tentative designs for the album sleeve (above), has heard an early mix and reckons it "will blow your head off and chase it into the street". No official title or release date for the record yet, but the band have put a new version of their lighters-in-the-air number, Punk Spirit, on their Myspace page, plus new songs You Say The Stupidest Things and Keep The Lights On (which sounds, brilliantly, like Gary Numan meets The Bee Gees).

After tonight's gig in Liverpool, they're off to do five dates with label mates Post War Years and James Yuill, starting with The Lexington in London on Feb 25. Full details of the tour are, of course, on the band's Myspace (I can't send you back there enough).