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minusONE We're Back Baby!

21/08/09 Flatline
by Doug Kerr

An event so culturally significant, that even as we speak someone is probably sat in their bedroom, re-jigging the subtitles to that scene in Downfall where Hitler goes mental so they can whack it up on YouTube. We're Back Baby! Mercy TWO POINT OHhhh.

Having spent the first half of this year basking in the success of 2008 and generally re-imagining what on Earth we actually are, we're just about ready to launch 18 months of words, pictures, shindigs and spectacles.

Our new megawebsite will go live around the end of Sept, but to keep you on your toes we've resurrected Mercy Mag from the dead, and will be delivering it to you every Friday for what is left of 'Barbeque Summer™'.

Read it on your lunch, pass it on to your best friends and worst enemies, and make sure you let everyone know they need to be signed up to the mail list in order to receive it.

The first issue is available as a pdf download here.