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Mercy at Liverpool Biennial 2012 - EVP WEEKEND

25/07/12 Live
by Nathan Jones


Electronic Voice Phenomena Weekend

play=gltch==[spirituotherne_(intrsctn)_of_voice]+"Para-siteOfChaos"_wrtng+generating_soul-srch/sngng/prcssing_transcends&& complicates"theHumanPerformer"

5-7th October
across Liverpool

A playful exploration of voice, technology and spiritual-otherness. Talks, workshops and new live commissions reveal the intersection of voice and technology as para-site of chaotic potential - where writing and generating, soul-searching, google-searching and divining, singing and processing are melded into a practice which transcends and complicates the human performer.


Fatima Al Qadiri (UNO Records, nyc) special dj set investigating vocal work

Scanner new commission

Iris Garrelfs'The Diamana Gallas of glitch'

more performance from
Ross Sutherland, Hannah Silva, Steven Fowler & Ben Morris, Anat Ben David

Talks Joe Banks and Dave Tompkins

full line-up, venues and other details tbc
meantime check out our videos of EVP performances at Cafe Oto here

Mercy will also be producing a weekly podcast in partnership with Liverpool Biennial, hosted by the wonderful writer and producer Vanessa Bartlett *watch this space*