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Beacons Festival Versus Mercy = cheap festival tickets!

28/07/11 News
by Gemma Germains

You probably also don't know that we're tight with the Beacons crew, so tight in fact they've given us pretty much the last big batch of tickets to the festival. This is how it works. If you love Mercy, then you get your Beacons weekend ticket for £55 instead of £69.50. No booking fee, no messing around. We've got 50 of these beauties to dish out, you just need to email info@mercyonline.co.uk with your name, number and email address. Oh, and we need contact details for everyone in your party. Once we've got your info, we'll send you payment details. Your name doesn't go on the list until your payment has cleared. Good? Yeah, we thought so.

If you've been living under a rock for the last month, Beacons is a new festival nestled into the Yorkshire Dales. It's bashy enough to have Tom Vek, Jamie Woon and Jamie XX headlining, but not too bashy you can't take your kids, or have a nice sit down with something proper to eat. And you can stay in a caravan which pretty much sold it to us.