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EVP Think Tank

11/09/12 Workshops
by Nathan Jones

Electronic Voice Phenomena Think Tank
7th October in Liverpool
[a creative postscript to Mercy and Liverpool Biennial 2012's EVP Weekend]
featuring a range of artists from UK and Berlin, discussing the question

"what are the implications of electronics on the contemporary voice?"

The day, for invited artists, will feature presentations/performances from Erik Bunger, Ross Sutherland, Steffi Wiesman and Sam Skinner.

And there will also be room/resources for conversation, creative thinking and experimenting on this theme.
The Think Tank comes in the context of Mercy's EVP weekend with Liverpool Biennial 2012, and the performances and talks in this programme will form a basis for some of the discussion.

There will be formal and informal opportunities to make work and propose future projects,  and items from the day will feed into future Mercy plans, including a UK/Europe tour in 2013.

We are particularly looking for possible collaborative relationships to form.

list of confirmed attendees, including artists, poets and musicians:
(participants from Berlin are enabled to come thanks to British Council and Arts Council England through the Artist Internationational Development Fund.)

Erik Bunger http://www.erikbunger.com/
Alessandra Eramo http://www.ezramo.com/
Karl Heinz Jeron http://portfolio.jeron.org/
Francesco Cavaliere http://www.nathiascatola.com/
Steffi Wiezmann http://www.steffiweismann.de/

Sam Skinner http://www.samskinner.net/
Iris Garrelfs http://irisgarrelfs.com/
Joe Banks http://rorschachaudio.wordpress.com/
Hannah Silva http://www.hannahsilva.co.uk/
Steven Fowler http://www.sjfowlerpoetry.com/
Emma Bennett http://www.emma-bennett.co.uk/
Antonia Barnett-McIntosh http://www.voiceworks.org.uk/artists/0910/composers0910/antonia_barnettmcintosh.html
Mark Greenwood http://www.markgreenwood23.com/
Sid Volter http://www.sidvolter.co.uk/
Vanessa Bartlett http://www.vanessabartlett.com/
Nathan Jones http://alittlenathan.co.uk/
Anat Ben David http://www.yippieyeah.co.uk/anat/
James Wilkes http://www.renscombepress.co.uk/

Only invited artists can attend.
If you wish to be considered for a place, please send an email to nathan@mercyonline.co.uk with your details and area of interest. 

We cannot pay any fees for attendees, but we can arrange accommodation.