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Electronic Voice Phenomena at CAFE OTO

by Nathan Jones

Just a quick save-the-date for our upcoming show at Cafe Oto.  Will be the start of a brand new season of activity for Mercy - exploring the radical trajectories of langauge, performance and technology. Wo.

Electronic Voice Phenomena
New Language Mediums
@ Cafe OTO // 31st May 2012

Anat Ben David
Steven Fowler and Ben Morris
Ross G Sutherland
and Nathan Jones

four experiments in voice, technology and transcommunication

"we are far from grasping the full complexities of the phenomenon of the so-called ‘voices from beyond'... rules differ radically from those of ordinary speech"" K. Raudive

Electronic Voice Phenomenon was the sensing of messages divined from electronic interference and white noise. The relations of these paranormal experiments to contemporary language practice are manifold - from the schizophrenic, fragmented way the ‘voices from beyond' manifested themselves, to the potentials of batch-manipulation and glitch to produce unexpected other-worldly poetics.

As well as a short survey of emergent practice then, this unique show will explore the implications of a new poetics, glitch and noise in the pursuit of interface between audience, performer and the beyond.