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Blog fail

by Nick Holloway

Today I had hoped to let you know where you can buy a pair of these custom Converse by former Mercy collaborator Neil Keating...
...but, thanks to a particularly unpleasant hangover, I've forgotten the effing link. I'll endeavour to remember, but in the absence of a bacon sandwich and a couple of bottles of Panda cola, the chances are looking slim.

Blame John Smith for this booze-related fail - he whisked me off for a few drinks too many following his performance in Liverpool last night. John is on the verge of putting out his third album, I'm going to try and get him to sit down with a guitar and a video camera to record us some exclusive content when the record's ready to drop. If you haven't heard of him yet, check out the growly folk thing he do on Myspace.

Oh, and have a look at Luke Wright while you're at it, a Norwich-based poet who John chose as his gig support. Even if his poetry isn't your thing, his blog - including this story featuring legendary punk poet John Cooper Clarke - never fails to amuse...