What we are up to

Blast Off

by Nathan Jones

To commemorate our very first office party, I invited visitors to help remix a variety of texts, to make a MANIFESTO for Mercy.  Here it is!

1. This manifesto sets out to sketch an ironic and wise madness, linked to the fact that an artist can be an artist at any time, in any place unless they have been specifically permitted to do so.

2. What cannot be uprooted remains critically engaged with the arts of our time and functions precisely because they are detached from those everyday combats and lie dormant.

3. Successful experimental work, and structures for  anyone who has not previously had permission, even in slumber, retains a sense of wonder.

4. The metamorphosis of the text effected by the wandering eyes, the using of services and the form and nature of Mercy's marketing, networks and artistic work are intergrated approaching the point where they are produced to be specifically hosting and engaging with new work, which allows us to supersede the original elements and produces an online experience inregrated into our live and public programmes and easily integrated into the protection and enforcement of having a future.

5. Unless I have otherwise expressed in writing, a cloying syrup that seeps into every pore of the body politic, real names and information will provide you with the tools from time to time for the mutual interferance of two worlds of feeling to inhabit, exchange and create.

6. The values of the current culture may point in a direction but we have been given the explicit right to use any of these features to create a body of language-based work which will help the users feel ownership of our creative.

7. This vision nurtures an attitude of the potential to create great work going forward which stems paradoxically from a mistrust of the state and the art giving a personal, worldwide, royalty free, non-assignable, non exclusive licence.

8. A rich elucidation of this logic can be found in the I Ching, being instinctively interdisciplinary with no obligation to do so on anyone's behalf, a continuity and permanence should reduce marketing and operational expenditure and create situations where it can be acknowledged and agreed that they obtain no right, title or interest from us.

9. Like a chess player playing witht the reader who leaps over written spaces in an emphemeral dance, practice informs our progress.

10. Concious of the fragile nature of biodiversity, integrating art into the way people LIVE, a psychoanalytic competence circumscribed within a few cures derived of the reality it posits is irreversable and irreplaceable.

11. To limit access to material, we may find people use the net in a community that dares to be true to the word and reserve the right to reserve or reclaim if they believe it appropriate.

12. The metaphor and drift of doubt which haunts writing, the phantom of its vanity moves us to a position where we create using SWOT evaluation procedures with audiences, peers and contributing artists. This document explains how the agreement is made up.

Signed, me.