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A Mercy Announcement!

13/12/12 Agency
by Gemma Germains

After a decade of delivering a diverse body of work, the team behind arts and design agency Mercy are dividing in two.

While Mercy will continue as a contemporary literature-arts agency, a new studio with a renewed positioning will deliver our design portfolio: we call ourselves Well Made.

Director and co-founder Doug Kerr says: "When we founded Mercy we were very ambitious about not pigeon-holing ourselves and working across a really wide range of disciplines and activities. Ten years down the line we are exceptionally proud that both our self-programmed arts activity and our commercial design studio have both become nationally-recognised and successful operations in their own right, and with the big birthday now out of the way the timing is perfect to distinguish these achievements and narrow the focus of each company. Well Made will allow our half of the business to deliver even better design work for our brilliant clients."

In recent years, our literature and art projects have developed into an outstanding niche expertise in technology, voice and writing - looking forward to our first touring work in partnership with Penned in the Margins - and our design team have a portfolio which includes some of the UK's top lifestyle and culture clients - clients which will now join us at Well Made Studio.

By re-positioning our design studio we're able to capitalise on the things we do best for the sectors we most enjoy working in. We will continue to design for brands but will focus our attention on the lifestyle, arts and publishing industries where we've built our expertise over the past few years.

"Well Made will allow our half of the business to deliver even better design work for our brilliant clients."

We won't be full service, instead concentrating on designing brand identities across print and very well considered websites. This narrower focus enables us to be especially brilliant at a couple of things instead of ok at many.

Key to Well Made's new position will be the quality of service we can offer.

Partner and co-founder Joseph Bramall says: "We've always aimed to be completely honest with our clients and we work very hard to make their working lives as easy as possible. Hopefully this is the reason we've been rewarded by their loyalty long after the initial deadline. We live and breathe the business like any other designer, but we're even more passionate about good relationships."

Mercy will continue, under Nathan's guidance, to produce expertly niche work across literature, technology and voice.

The full Well Made Studio website and refreshed portfolio will launch in the New Year, the conclusion of 9 months behind-the-scenes plotting. Keep track of us here: wellmadestudio.com