Issue 009

Heya, c'mon now / Page 2

Household Management

Author: Roddy Lumsden
Illustrator: Sergio Membrillas

How many days would a purely honest society last?
They say six, but a month or more is likelier.

How do I know when yes means no and no means yes?
We are born with far more nos to use then yesses.

Do we have control of our conditions?
You need's history's permission to control any system.

How to know if I can trust my peer, trust my neighbour?
Trust is honesty's shadow and can be stepped into.

What is the invisible hand which sets the equilibrium?
A hand whose grasp may strive to go beyond its reach.

How will I find my locus within the economics?
By circling within the maps of your frustration.

Is 'untimely truth' as cold as treachery?
That I'll tell later, if you are unwise enough to ask again.

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