Issue 009

Heya, c'mon now / Page 3


Author: Colette Sensior

First, the round cheek of the taut stomach,
navel an ear or blowhole, listening out
for signals from the curved inverted globe.
Then the bones, once out, moulding their sphere.
The halfway house retreats. Darkened eyelashes
frame new eyes; the layer of thin dried yoghurt
flakes away, coarse hair falls from his cheeks
in the slow move from prehistory to now,

a gill-less creature. Or, as things would go for me:
the face smoothes itself out as I recline, Madonna
of the incidental, waiting for the roots of things
to become apparent. I listen to lost notes,
the silent progress of the gut-shot features
swimming  back to their original element.

Colette Sensier is 22 and comes from Sussex. She studied English at King's College, Cambridge. She was a winner of the Foyle's, Tower Poetry and Peterloo Poets young poets awards. Her poems have been published on Pomegranate and in The Rialto.

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