Where it all started, where it will all remain when we're dead and gone.  The page.

From black and white photocopies left in puddles of beer across Liverpool, to the nationally distributed, 'vital and disposable' Mercy Magazine, to one-off hand-made poetry pamphlets, small illustrated writing anthologies and print-to-order products - the ethos remains the same. We publish work we believe needs to be out there, in the form we believe it's best seen. And we love teaming up great artists to achieve the best product.

Our magazine brought us a fair bit of attention from the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Tony Wilson and the national broadsheets, back when zines were cool, but now we feel the wind has changed. So, plans are underway for a super-dooper publication-of-sorts based around some heavy-duty white-knuckle collaborative work between some of our favourite writers, thinkers and image-makers, and with the Mercy team in the design-chair, we can assure you it will look ace.

Until then, feast your beady eye on our digital output, or snaffle-up a copy of our fantastic This is a Little Book.

Publishing WORK

This Is A Little Book

This Is A Little Book