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WIYRT#06 profiles: David J, The Pugilist

01/02/10 Friends
by Nathan Jones

Lyrics inside lyrics inside lyrics, and pop open that lyric and inside pulled out by the L, more lyrics.

David J. Lyrical pugilist, conspiracy mastermind, spiritual man and godfather of verbal gymnastics. His name was the first on the altar for this Baptism show. For #03 he came to Liverpool and tore it up, and ever since we have been keeping the red-telephone line open for this inimitable, illusive, epic performer.

There's lots of good stuff of David J online, but this seems to be the hardest to find so we'll stick it up here: a video of a performance several years ago,  The Bullets Were Baptised With Tear Droplets. David J in a narrative mode, even back then displaying the inventiveness of technique that has come to be his calling card.

Believe us. This guy is going to preach like Ahab.  He's the man for the big moment, and WIYRT#06 is one of the biggest around. Get your tickets at the ready.