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Trigger and Mercy do UNBOUND at the Edinburgh Book Festival

10/08/12 Live
by Nathan Jones

Mercy and Trigger present
Electronic Voice Phenomena at UNBOUND

The Guardian Spiegeltent from 9pm // Wednesday 22 August



Siôn Parkinson's FACE CAGE
A vocal and effects work by the artist, writer and performer Siôn Parkinson. Erotic, comic, lyric, and brutally honest in its performance of memory and narrative.

Ross Sutherland's Stand by for Tape Back Up
Ross communes with the spirit of his grandad through a loop of the Fresh Prince of BellAir

Hanna Tuulikki and John Cavanagh Salutation to the Sun (Replica)
A sonic representation of an early spring dawn chorus in Scotland in which 30 different bird sounds are created entirely from a single human voice.

Sarah Hardie
New performance for multiple voices from the New Contemporaries RSA Stuart Prize winner.

The Guardian Spiegeltent from 9pm // Wednesday 22 August