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Long Time No Speak

10/09/08 News
by Joseph Bramall

Gosh we've been quiet - apologies for the lack of news recently, but our lovely clients come first over self indulgent website twaddle... Anyways, what's that you say? What have we been doing? Well .... We've taken on Island Records' new signing Josephine Onayama, B-Unique's latest proteges The Operators, the newest act to emerge from the Bad Sneakers stable of Wild Beasts and co, The Old Romantic Killer Band, and our copywriting lark continues apace with a massive writing deal for Diesel-U-Music. The portfolio part of the website is upto date now, so have a swizz. And you can check the Diesel writing by following the link below.

PS: we've got a really exciting project with our old chums The Wombats coming up, which we'll keep back for now, but these new photos on the site background are part of it. Top work by Friend-of-Mercy Brychan Tudor.