Issue 008

What are you trying to say? / Page 4

Gilmore Girls

Author: John Clegg
Illustrator: KipiKaPopo

There are places the old myths might break through.
A lake in Finland, evening’s mirror,
the sundial at the heart
of a country garden’s box maze,
or here, a far suburb bordering woodland
where Rory and Lorelei share clothes and black coffee.

They might have just stepped from a medieval woodcut
depicting them outwitting the Devil.
Under a curse, either could sweat beads of quicksilver
or stiffen with sap and become a pinetree.
The innkeeper shared a name with her daughter
opened a dozen ancient stories.

They reenact a submerged ritual, their feet fall
into the steps of forgotten intricate dances.
Each word they speak weakens the world.
Something is being called back,
something neither mother nor daughter could name.
Local boys in the woods inexpertly butcher a swan.

John Clegg's e-chapbook 'Advancer' is published by Silkworms Ink; a full collection is forthcoming. He was born in 1986 and lives in Durham, where he studies for a PhD. KipiKaPopo is an art director, designer, illustrator and toy-maker and Designers Republic alumni. She has also just designed an amazing Pedlars cover for us.

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