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Wave If You're Really There Announcement

Wave If You're Really There #05

After weeks of having it on the tips of our tongues, the full line-up has plopped on our plate. And what a hunky chunk of burning love it is! This promises to be our best event yet, combining all the talent we have been gestating over the last nine years with fellow curatorial innovators Wave Machines and Homework, in a night of awe-inspiring revelry More

Festival Fail / Non-Fail

We WON"T be performing at Glastonbury, but we WILL be performing at Latitude. A net gain for our fair collective More

Mercy in the Biennial / Work for Mercy

Getting big for our boots? We’ve raised our game for this year’s Biennial, where we’ll have TWO shows More

Glastonbury Stuff

We’re (trying to) taking full ownership of the weekend’s success stories More

Wave If You're Really There

Our upcoming live shows have been designed and all the gear is back from the printer’s wet with lovely fluro ink More