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Dear Chris

by Chris Hicks

Is something troubling you? Getting you down? A problem shared is a problem halved. For over twenty years, I’ve been guiding people towards finding solutions. Write to me at: Dear Chris, 22 Birchtree Road, Liverpool, L17 0DS, or get in touch by email. Dear Chris,I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m just another office worker, even to me. I feel like a nobody. I’m not great at anything. I’m not.. More


There’s an interview with us in this month’s New Sugar magazine More

Liverpool, 8002

by Nick Holloway

#2: CannibalismThanks to the 6000-year sub-prime mortgage crisis, men and women in 8002 have resorted to more desperate ways to make ends meet. Rent is sky-high too, so it really IS desperate, especially with two-thirds of the world now being 1) landfill 2) underwater or 3) underwater landfill.Allowing a person with a severely truncated cashflow to make money from the last thing they own after the.. More

Music and Books

Coupla new jobs signed off; new Defend Moscow single and our first hardback book cover More

Musical Things

by Nick Holloway

While I’m aware we fly Wave Machines’ flag often enough it verges on toadying, this video - to use the parlance common to Liverpool - is fit...Also currently floating our sonic sea-going vessel: Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Lava Children. Viva la sunny, Boards Of Canada-esque psychedelic vibes! More