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Light 'em up (part four... reprise)

by Nick Holloway

Thanks to Adam Sloan for putting me onto Joanie Lemercier's work (below) following Monday's post about Pablo Valbuena.

Lemercier is one of four artists currently on 'visual label' (presumably a variation on fashion label / record label) Anti VJ. Check out Anti VJ's blog for more of the above and, interestingly, this story about the Killers ripping off the work of Parisian art group EXYZT in a recent music video. Given we're told music piracy is the digital equivalent of stealing handbags from old ladies, the Killers' record label, Universal, doesn't appear to be playing by it's own rules. I would suggest you use this tactic to nick Killers mp3s from MySpace and give them a taste of their own medicine, but unfortunately that would imply the band's songs were worth stealing.


  1. With the full EXYZT light show? C’est tout simplement magnifique!

  2. I’m actually going to see that de Crecy show in a couple of weeks at Matter. Bon bon.