What we are up to


22/05/09 News
by Joseph Bramall

WOWEE. What a day. Not only did we secure a major high profile contract this morning (more info soon), we also finally heard back from our application to the Arts Council to develop further our self-directed events, partnerships and publications. Got the call in said high-profile meeting; cue lots of stifled yelps and clenched fists until we got out into the street ... Anyways, what does all this mean? That's for us to flesh out in a series of imminent meets, but the gist of it will be a few more in the Wave If You're Really There series ('one of the highlights of Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture'), a digital zombified resurrection of that little upstart Mercy Magazine, a new all-encompassing website including features of all our friends and collaboraters, a BLOODY BOOK, and a general Liverpoolisation of that there London. We couldn't be happier. Please do get on the mailing list and we'll start to release information on a need-to-know basis, for you all to join in with, come and look at and just enjoy really. We're off to buy some Champagne on expenses xxx